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Welcome to ScotCat

Catalan and Scottish Friendship Association

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Welcome to ScotCat

Catalan and Scottish Friendship Association

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Welcome to ScotCat

Catalan and Scottish Friendship Association

Bringing Scotland to Catalonia

About us


We are a group of Scots and Catalans living in Catalonia who would like to share news and information about Scotland’s culture, society and geography whilst making friendships and links between members of both communities. In July 2016 we met at the renowned Pitarra restaurant in Barcelona to discuss ideas and agree on the statutes of our association and it was there that the seeds were sown for the founding of this association.

We are a non-profit association, apolitical and non-denominational where anyone who is curious and wants to know more about this small yet fascinating country is welcome to participate. Scotland is a nation rich in heritage and legend which we hope to help others discover and demystify via entertaining and diverse activities, projects and proposals from our members and collaborators. 

Why not join us?

Our Values and Mission


Make information about the culture of Scotland accessible to Catalans, and likewise, Catalan culture to Scots living in Catalonia.


Bring together people who share an interest in the Scottish nation, culturally and socially.


Challenge stereotypes about the Scottish nation and strengthen knowledge about Scottish culture and society both current and historical.


Support groups and individuals who represent Scottish culture and society in Catalonia who do not have formal associations.

What we do

Meetings, exhibitions, conferences, lectures and other educational activities concerned with Scottish culture, tradition and innovation in Catalonia.

… and so much more!

Our website, Facebook page and periodic newsletter with domestic and overseas news about Scotland.

Language Exchanges Catalan-English/Scots English/Gaelic.

Workshops in cooking, art, history, literature, music, etc.

Participate in Catalan cultural events and activities where we can present Scottish culture to a wider audience.

Link to other cultural associations with similar interests.

Information about and participation in the association’s activities free or at preferential rates.

Participate in trips/expeditions to Scotland at cost price without intermediaries (we are not a travel agency).

Themed social gatherings.

Participate in the Annual Members’ Meeting.

Enjoy discounts in a number of businesses and associated institutions.


Què és Burns’ Night amb ScotCat?

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Join us! Become a member


If you are keen to find out more about Scottish and Catalan culture and would like to have fun participating in events and even contributing ideas and suggestions we would love to hear from you.
Simply complete and forward the attached form with your personal data. Then we will contact you to complete the process.
The annual membership fee / donation (2017) is 10 euros – this is used to cover expenses of the association (e.g. maintenance and management of the website and member activities). The fee includes access to all the activities and services listed in the “What We Do” section.


Barcelona, Catalonia